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Welcome To New Dawn

New Dawn, was founded in 2005, for the specific reason of using technology to optimise any business opportunities.

Why New Dawn

Experienced in many areas, from algorithmic and automated derivative trading systems, to price comparison websites we cover all areas where technology can help.

We are interested in long term relationships with our clients which we build on, for example the creation of a trader information exchange has led to the creation of bespoke automated trading systems for the client.

We never advertise. All our work comes through recommendations, based on previous work.

The New Dawn philosophy is to nurture a small firms strategy, at a minimal cost to the client, with the intention of a small percentage of future revenues. This reduces the initial capital outlay for the small firm, hence the risk of the project to the client. The small revenue stream helps fund New Dawn Internet, and establish's a relationship with New Dawn Internet for future internet strategy's.

New Dawn Services

New Dawn uses it's own proprietary tools for it's products and solutions. These tools are all developed using high quality object orientated programming techniques, and are designed to be scaleable, flexible and reliable for the client.

A few examples of New Dawn services are listed below.